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Don’t get crook sport – ...
17 January 2018

People in vulnerable groups can take action now if they want to avoid this year’s least popular Aussie ...

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Diet and exercise among resolutions ...
10 January 2018

People worried about their weight are being encouraged by local GPs to get to grips with the ...

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Help fight flu as children ...
03 January 2018

As children head back to school following the Christmas holidays, GPs are encouraging ...

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Don’t let alcohol ruin ...
29 December 2017

Splitting headaches, sickness and dizziness aren’t the way we want to remember the start of 2018, so local GPs ...

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Stoke-on-Trent GP receives British Empire ...
29 December 2017

Dr Prasad Rao was recognised in the Queen’s New Year’s honours today with a British Empire Medal ...

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Think pharmacy for help with ...
19 December 2017

Doctors are encouraging people to stay well this festive season by seeking help from their local pharmacy for expert ...

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Let’s all drink to ...
15 December 2017

If you’re looking for a recipe for a ruined Christmas, try this one:

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Stock up for Christmas with ...
15 December 2017

Patients who rely on repeat prescriptions need to check now they have enough medicines to last over the Christmas ...

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A&E alternatives
14 December 2017

People are being advised to know where to get the most appropriate treatment for their medical conditions, with a ...

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Idea share

To use the Idea Share page, please select the appropriate tab, for example events, photos or wall. You can also add to these tabs such as adding comments on the wall.


PPG members pack - Moorland Medical PPG have been working on a PPG members pack which can be accessed by following the link and modified to suit your own PPG. The Key document follows the 4 areas from the NAPP Building Better Participation document.


Booking Community Fire Station Rooms for meetings

Telephone numbers to book a meeting room at Community Fire Stations - 

  • Newcastle Community Fire Station ring 01785 898897
  • Hanley Community Fire Station ring 01785 898760
  • Leek Community Fire Station ring 01785 898501


Patient Leaflet – what happens when you are referred by your GP to see a Specialist? NHS England, together with the British Medical Association and the National Association for Patient Participation, have produced a leaflet for patients to understand what they can expect if they are referred by their GP to see a specialist or consultant at a hospital or a community health centre. Follow this link to access the leaflet.


How does the NHS in England Work - an alternative guide a whistle-stop tour from the Kings Fund of how the NHS works in 2017 and how it is changing




Further resources are available on the National Association for 
Patient Participation (NAPP) website.  

PPGs - First Year Joining Fee £60

On joining, new PPGs receive all the benefits of Annual Membership and the following package of resources

  • Starting, Growing and Sustaining Successful PPGs: guide to setting up a PPG in general practice
  • 21 Ways to make your practice thrive
  • Communications Toolkit for PPGs
  • Two N.A.P.P. ‘Proud to have a PPG ‘stickers
  • Copy of ‘What to expect from your doctor: a guide for patients (GMC)
  • Copy of CQC "What standards you have a right to expect from the regulation of your GP practice"
  • Top Tips leaflet
  • Putting Patients First: Back in General Practice Campaign Brief
  • Other current relevant documents where appropriate.

Annual Membership thereafter £40

Follow this link to find out more.