Mental Health Awareness week

Mental Health Awareness week takes place between 14th-20th May 2018, the theme this year is stress and how we deal with it, asking the public 'are we coping?' 

Research has shown that two thirds of us experience a mental health issue in our lifetime, and that stress is a key factor in this. By dealing with stress we can tackle a range of problems such as anxiety and depression, even self harm and suicide. The week will focus on how we can improve our own mental health. 

At the CCG we are heading to social media to spread the message, using 5 hashtags throughout the week with their own individual theme. 


#MensHealthMonday, focusing on mens mental health and how to help, depression is often more difficult to diagnose where men are concerned, this is due to men not voicing their concerns and the way they feel-more often than not it's the physical side effects of depression that cause men to visit the doctors to recieve a diagnosis. resulting in the sucide rate for men being much higher (4 in 5 suicides are male, that's 78% of suicides) making suicide the biggest cause of death in men under 35. 


#TalkingTuesday, is all about being more open about your feelings and allowing people to realise that it is ok not to be ok, understanding that talking about your feelings is not a sign of weakness, this is linking into suicide awareness- for free online training on suicide awareness/prevention, follow the link


#WellBeingWednesday, discussing wellbeing and ways to stay stress free, such as taking your lunch break at work instead of working at your desk or going for a short walk to clear your head. Avoiding stress is the start to good mental health. A volunteer from Therapy Dogs Nationwide has kindly given up their time to help staff with stress relief as well as encouring staff to take a few minutes away from their desk to improve their mental health, to find out more or to book a Therapy Dog at your workplace follow the link


#ThoughtfulThursday, we will be focusing on mindfulness and stress relief, we will be hosting a lunch and learn session for our staff to encourage mindfullness and stress relief in and out of the workplace which will be kindly led by a volunteer from Changes (a mental health charity based in Staffordshire), to find out more about Changes follow the link.


#StaffsSoTFeelGoodFriday, we are asking the public to share photos on social media of what makes them happy, to get involved share your images on Twitter using the hastag #StaffsSoTFeelGoodFriday! To tweet us your happy photos follow the links to our Twitter accounts

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